in my fridge

The project was developed during the summer term at the University of Applied Sciences in Schwäbisch Gmünd. It deals with the process of food management in a futuristic scenario where RFID tags are printable. In this scenario, the data stored on the RFID tags is put at the users’ disposal by an interactive terminal. Naturally, the most useful area of application for this technology is the place where perishable goods are kept in  –  the refrigerator. The terminal has a large front which serves as a touch display to gain access to the desired information. Important information, such as soon decaying foods, are apparent at first sight. Thus the user doesn’t have to interact with the system to receive essential information – unless he chooses to do so. Additional information like a digital cook-book, shopping facilities or an indication for missing groceries is just a finger tip away. Hence, the refrigerator becomes an information terminal for food management. All information is available in one place and can be retrieved briefly. Through the connection with other kitchen equipment and nearby markets further services are opened. In order to proof the concept, we built a prototype which is able to display and to process an operation process. Thus we were able to test a part of our concept on a functional refrigerator which made it possible to detect problems within the concept and to improve it afterwards. Realized with VVVV and Arduino.

Fabian Kreuzer
Markus Lorenz Schilling

Prof. Hans Krämer
Prof. Steffen Süpple

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